Who am i?

I’m a London based front-end developer who loves WordPress. I’m currently looking for freelance contracts in and around London. I’ve a keen eye for detail and enjoy working closely with designers and UX to create the best experience for the end user.

I’m a passionate believer that the web should be for all, no matter what your circumstances are. As a result of this I don’t just consider accessibility as a concern for people with disabilities. A site with poor performance on a slow mobile connection is just as frustrating as a site that doesn’t work with screen readers. I therefore consider performance and security just as important as the content when building sites.

Hire Me

Feel free to contact me for work after this. Like many people, I am currently only working offsite, I am able to hold calls with you using video conferencing if you wish.


Agencies, I'm on YunoJuno, if you wish you can contact me directly on there.


I've been a front-end developer contracting in London since 2007, over this time I've worked on some huge digital campaigns for global organisations such as Sony, Vodafone, British Airways, Barclays, American Express, KAYAK and Land Rover