Kent Fire & Rescue Service

In 2000 I was managing a local family run newsagents based in Cranbrook, Kent. As I was around in the town most of the day I was approached by the local fire station and asked if I would like to become a retained fire fighter. I jumped at the chance and was ‘on the run’ within a few months.

The role of a retained fire-fighter basically means you are on call to answer emergency calls at a moments notice. I would answer from my place of work and could attend anything from a fire alarm sounding to a multi car road crash.

During my ten years service. I was trained in the following areas

  • Emergency first aid to trauma level
  • Breathing apparatus
  • Advanced RTC extraction
  • River rescue

I would recommend the retained service to anyone thinking of a career in the public sector. Every incident you attend is different to what you have seen before, and as a result you’ll never stop learning. The training which I received from Kent Fire & Rescue service was of an unbelievably high standard.