Mind Failure

I’ve been using the name Mind Failure along with Blu Hippo for many years but I’ve settled on this as my company name. I’m now either freelancing in advertising agencies or working on private clients.

If you’d like a website built or a freelancer then please get in touch with me.

  • Pebble Studios

    May 2016

    Freelance web developer updating UI on 2 existing WordPress sites as well as improving both the performance and SEO of these sites. I also built a 1 page interactive infographic for Savills while here.

  • Possible London

    April 2016

    Part for a 3 person development team producing front end templates for a Global redesign of a website. (Under NDA)

  • Pebble Studios

    February 2016 - March 2016

    Freelance WordPress developer producing a new site for Murano.

  • Pixeled Eggs, London

    October 2015 - January 2016

    Freelance WordPress Developer working on a number of existing websites as well as the lead back end developer on a new site for Watermans.

  • Possible London

    July 2015 - September 2015

    Freelance User Interface Developer working on projects for Old Mout Cider, Blind Pig Cider, Canon and NetJets.

  • Company Director

    2015 - present

    When I'm not doing the accounts or finding new business I'm building websites.

    I'm trying to work where possible with established designers and UX designers who I've previously worked with. I'm also looking to work with freelance photographers and film makers to expand the capabilities of the business.

Case Study

Butler House

Butler House

Butler House sell carpets and designer rugs. They use their site currently as a showroom rather than selling directly. The site which this one replaced needed a few improvements around usability as well as the fact that mobile users needed to zoom in to view the content, which wasn't ideal.


Despite the fact that the site was already built on WordPress I decided to rebuild everything from scratch, including inputting the content into a clean database.

I used Bootstrap and my own WordPress framework which I've been working on in recent months. This has speed at it's core, by reducing the number of HTTP requests, as well as a setting up a number of server configs.

I wanted the site to score as high as possible on Google Speed Insights, and I think I did pretty well to be honest with the site scoring 99/100 for mobile and desktop and 100/100 for user experience. If I wasn't using Google Analytics I'd have hit top marks on everything.

The site uses custom post types for each rug range, as well as additional custom fields for the data needed for each rug. It also uses lazy loading on the images which have all been compressed, as well as page caching to help increase the overall speed of the site.