I joined Ogilvy at an interesting time for their Tech Team, within 3 days of starting the tech lead I was replacing left the company, followed by the Tech Director. For the next month I was in charge of a department which I’d just joined. This was a blessing, as it allowed me to assist the incoming tech director with the huge changes that were required, some of which are documented below.

  • Tech Lead


    When I joined Ogilvy, the team didn't have the setup which a modern day tech department requires. This needed to be changed if we were to start doing serious development work. I assisted the new technical director in highlighting the issues and fixing them, some of which included;

    • New documentation for all projects
    • New environments for development, staging and production
    • New version control, switching from SVN to GIT
    • New security processes
    • Industry standard frameworks, including the use of jQuery, Bootstrap and WordPress to speed up development

    The largest project which I built while at Ogilvy was for BT Sport. It was needed for the start of the 2013/14 Premier League season. The site I built was to sign up pubs and clubs before the season kicked off. I had about 3 weeks in total to do a 2 month build. After it's launch I spent almost a year building new sections as BT Sport forced it's way into a market dominated by Sky.

    Ogilvy is such a huge company it requires a large number of internal websites, Over my time there I started to convert these into WordPress sites. This allowed the Tech Team to concentrate on better projects rather than maintenance of internal static sites.

    Just prior to leaving I built a new site for Bakers answering some common FAQ's around the brand. The case study for this is listed below.

Case Study



We were asked by BAKERS to help them improve communication with their target audience around various myths and frequently asked questions consumers had with their brands.

The solution had to be an online resource which enabled a quick turn around of new content. Above all it needed to have a friendly tone which encouraged uses to communicate directly with BAKERS.


The creatives wanted a Tumblr feel to the site where the hook would be bold design and beautiful photography. With this in mind the designers came up with a flexible grid which had various layout option's. Content for launch was minimal so we took the decision that the homepage would display 11 random articles making the site feel fresh for repeat visitors.

The site uses WordPress and Bootstrap as the core codebase but due to the layout which was designed this was quite a challenge, which was done by adding various layout options within the WP Dashboard. Content editor's are required to include various sized images, along with additional fields to ensure their content always displays correctly no matter where the article appears.

Within the code a loop is then run outputting the correctly sized blocks into the designated location along with the correct bootstrap classes for each row.

Selected clients

  • British Airways
  • Land Rover
  • American Express
  • BT Sport