Airbourne, The Roundhouse, London

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The Wild! opened the night, first time I’d seen or heard of them, they are from Canada and reminded me of a really good pub rock band who could easily step up, and hopefully they do. I thought their set was really solid from start to finish and would happily go see them again. There’s a lot of support bands out there that simply aren’t good enough. The Wild! are. My one gripe with them was the choreographed moves they have onstage, sing a bit, 3 steps back, 3 steps forward sing a bit. It’s looks a bit wank if you ask me, although others worked like the guitar shot guns.

Phil Campbell & The Bastard Sons aren’t really my thing, certainly nothing offensive here I just couldn’t get into them. They did a good cover of Ace of Spades mind you.

I thought Airbourne were fantastic to be honest. Great interaction with the crowd throughout their entire set including pints of JD, topped up with a dash of coke passed around. Joel O’Keeffe has defiantly mastered the art of being able to throw a pint and not spilling it all.