Eluveitie, Effenaar, Eindhoven, Holland

Saturday, November 4, 2017

By total luck Amaranthe announced a show in Eindhoven. We were already flying into Holland the morning of the show with the idea of spending the day in Amsterdam, before Guano Apes on Sunday.

We therefore changed our plans and decided to head to Eindhoven and catch the show with Jan, but before that by total coincidence Rijkels and Kathelijn were also arriving at the airport for a flight, we agreed to meet at the pub for a couple of beers before we continued our travels. Once in Eindhoven we met up with Jan and had some food before the show.

Effenaar is a great venue, the first time I’ve been there, it reminded me a bit of La Belle Electrique in Grenoble, rectangular with multiple levels for a better view. There’s been a lot of thought gone into this place, small touches like shelves for your pint glasses if you are stood on the barriers at the back, they even extend this to the toilets, although why you’d take your pint to the toilet I do not know.

The Charm The Fury opened the night, despite being Dutch she spoke mainly in English at the start, maybe she forgot where she was. Amaranthe played a decent set again, the crowd were way more into them than in London. Eluveitie I thought were better in London.