Feeder, Brixton Academy, London

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Ronald was meant to join for this but decided he wouldn’t make it so instead Kristina joined. We didn’t bother with either of the support acts as I wanted to watch the late LFC match.

First stop was the merch stand to get myself a couple of Feeder enamel mugs!. Then it was to head in and find a decent spot, this is where the night changed… It seemed like I had cocked up big time and somehow purchased circle tickets instead of stall tickets. this is the first time I’ve ever done this! I ended up high on the balcony so I could stand for the whole gig. The sound up there wasn’t great, kind of muted, at first it kind of bothered me, but because I know the bands entire back catalogue it didn’t affect me as much as someone who may not know them as well as I do.

Overall this wasn’t the best performance I’ve seen by Feeder, most likely because of the location where we were on the balcony and also the sound, which was a shame as this was probably the longest set I’ve seen them play.