Mastodon, Brixton Academy, London

Sunday, December 10, 2017

We saw Mastodon at the Golden Gods Awards earlier in the year, and while it was a short set it was pretty decent, enough to buy a ticket to their show at Brixton.

It had snowed the night before and I felt like crap during the day so we headed to the venue late, which was perfect as we were more or less straight into the venue by switching the sim cards in Kristina’s phone.

We met Jim and Diana in the usual spot but as Sean and Alisa were also there I headed down the front to say hello. As there was loads of space I said to the rest lets try it here, as the sound might be better. I’ve not liked the sound at my recent visits to Brixton.

Initially I didn’t think the sound was that bad here during the support acts Russian Circles and Red Fang, but during Mastodon‘s set it became obvious it wasn’t good at all. The guitars and bass were so loud it drowned out the vocals. Diana decided she’d had enough and headed home after just a few songs. Jim, Kristina and I headed back to our normal corner at the back, where the sound was a bit better, we still left early as it was a pretty boring gig to be honest.