PVRIS, Brixton Academy, London

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Met Jim in the dreaded spoons, waited for Kristina and then headed for the venue. Jim had somehow purchased a seating ticket and was refused entry to the stalls, so Kristina and I did the old switcheroo on the tickets to get him downstairs with us.

It was lucky that Jim had purchased the ticket as Simon was also here, but upstairs in the VIP area. Simon hadn’t planned to come down to the show but a nice turn of events happened to him at their Birmingham show. I used Jim’s ticket to nip up there and say hello, some security guard who had little woman syndrome decided to tell me I had to walk the long way around. despite the fact Simon was 5 meters away from me. I have a chat and he and Alice decided to join downstairs for a bit, on the way out the twat tells me if I come upstairs again I’ll be removed from the venue, pretty sure I told her to fuck off and I walked away.

Tyne were first up and I didn’t think much at all. Coin were slightly better, but again nothing fantastic.

The sound in Brixton tonight was really poor, and I think this hampered my opinion of PVRIS‘s set, for me their show at Kentish Town Forum was better.