The Virginmarys, Water Rats, London

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Just Jim and I for this one, we met in the main bar at Water Rats which soon started to get busy, so we made our way into the back room while the sound checks were going on. Some guy, possibly The Virginmarys manager told us we can’t be in here yet as it’s the soundcheck, I didn’t like his attitude so we ignored him and took our places at the bar to watch the soundcheck anyway. Twenty or so minutes later Jim needs a pee so leaves me there, while he is peeing a doorman arrives. Jim now can’t get back in, so instead of saying “My pint is on the bar” he says, “my mate is in there” I then get turfed out, for 2 minutes because apparently I can’t see their equipment before its ready and they need to check my ticket, the later I agree with but I’ve been in here for nearly 30 minutes watching the support band sound check, I’ve seen all their equipment and more already. Not only that but I am told to join the queue at a door with a window in it, I can still see their equipment…

Support came from Valeras tonight, they were OK to be fair to them, by far the best support act I’ve seen this week thats for sure.

I know Water Rats isn’t the largest. but the crowd for The Virginmarys was the biggest I’ve seen for one of their shows which is good. They also played the longest set I’ve seen them do as well. We watched from the bar which was a new experience considering I’ve only ever been down the front for them in the past, it was also strange not seeing as many of the regular Virginmary fans at the show, there was only a couple I knew, whereas normally I recognise at least 10 of them.